How to calculate granite price ?

Granite is an expensive dimensional stone. The price of granite can be as low as 15$ and as high as 200$. There are hundreds of granite available. It also follows the rule of demand and supply. The granite price depends on various factors, some of these are as following :

Availability : This is one of the most important factor which influence the price of granite. If the granite is not available in good quantity the price will be high. This follows the simple rule of demand and supply.

Color : Very dark and very light colors are always in high demand, colors such as Black and White are expensive. If you want pure black and pure white granite, the price will be high. Increase in the impurity of material will reduce the pricing.

Sizes : Granite are available in different sizes, for slabs smaller one are always cheaper than the bigger one. Small Slabs are cut on vertical disc cutter , the processing is lower than big jumbo gang saw cut slabs. If you buy big one please ready to pay more. Tiles are expensive too, due to high cutting and calibration.

Thickness : The thickness plays crucial role in deciding the price of granite. Thick granite slabs are expensive. This is all due to the cost of processing and recovery of the material. 18 mm slabs are cheaper than 80 mm thick granite slabs. The polishing of thick material is costly too, so it will end with higher price for the material.

Calibration : Granite tiles are available in calibrated and non calibrated thickness. Calibration is done for controlling the thickness. If you need calibrated tiles which have 1 mm thickness you have to pay more than the tiles which are not calibrated (+,-2 mm variation).

Mixing of Granite : If you club 2-3 materials together while buying from India, you may have to pay extra charges for inland transportation. All materials are available in different location and clubbing them will involve transportation and risks.

Granite is a long lasting material, while making your house please consider granite over artificial stones or ceramic tiles.