Absolute Black is an expensive granite from India, this granite demands some extra care while buying. I am writing this post because I have found from many of my customers that they had serious problem with this granite. I am thankful to all the clients for sharing their concerns. There are many concerns such as cracks , thickness variation , bend slabs which we will elaborate in other post.

Things to remember during inspection of Absolute Black Granite

  • Grain size : There are different types of black granite available in market. When you are buying black, please take care of the size of grain or crystal of black granite. Some granite have fine grains and some have big grain. The bigger is not always the better . Bigger grains are cheaper granite in black and fine grains material is costly. Please clarify your need to supplier that you want bigger grain or smaller grain black granite.
  • Color Variation : In this granite, lighter and darker sheds are available. In one single slab you will find both sheds. It looks very ugly and this shows irregularity of color in slab. I am sure you don’t want to use double color granite for your need so when buy in bulk, please ask your supplier about color variation. The double shed black is definitely very cheap than the regular one.
  • Line : Sometime you will find very thin line in black slabs, this line may be single or multiple, this line can be visible from the back of the slab or from the unpolished side. This line looks ugly and you should avoid such material.
  • Colored Material : Absolute Black is a natural stone, it comes with darker to lighter sheds. Generally the black granite is painted to enhance the darkness with lamination of epoxy resin. It is okay when you are using it in indoor applications. But if you are going to use the black granite as wall cladding, please buy the material without color. The color fades in direct sunlight and looks very ugly if used in elevation. Also if you are using this granite for edge profile countertop be sure to buy non colored black granite or else the lighter shed will come out when making edge profile.

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