How to check the quality of black galaxy granite

Black Galaxy is a popular Indian Granite. This granite is beautiful and dark. It is a very dense granite with tiny pores and does not absorb anything. This is also very hard granite and it is quite possible the most bulletproof surface available in the market. There is rarely any issue regarding etching or stains. Overall this is one of the best granite available for Kitchen Counter tops. The problem with this granite is processing and selection.

Problem with selection

Black Lines

The black galaxy granite is a natural stone. In natural stones you have to be careful about the selection of the material. Generally it comes with line. If you are buying first quality material then there will be no line, which is less available and the price is high. For USA, UK and most European countries the line is not acceptable. But for many parts of the world, one or two lines are acceptable. If you have paid for 1st quality, please note that there will be no line. It will be expensive, but you will have the first choice black galaxy granite. Black Galaxy can be graded in four qualities with lines :

A Grade Black Galaxy Granite: No line
B Grade Black Galaxy Granite: Comes with one black line
C Grade Black Galaxy Granite: Comes with more than two black lines
D Grade Black Galaxy Granite: Comes with many black lines and white lines.

Unevenly scattered galaxy

In black galaxy granite the second problem with the selection is galaxy variation. Copper flakes in this granite are called galaxy. It is a natural stone and the galaxy may have variations or it may be unevenly scattered. This galaxy can be graded in following categories:

A Grade Black Galaxy Granite: Evenly scattered galaxy
B Grade Black Galaxy Granite: Unevenly scattered galaxy

Size of Galaxy

This granite can be divided in 3 categories as per the size of golden flakes

A Grade Black Galaxy Granite: Big copper flakes
A- Grade Black Galaxy Granite: Medium Copper flakes
B Grade Black Galaxy Granite: Low density and very dim copper flakes.

The above mentioned are the nature of the material and man does not have control over it. Being natural stones black galaxy granite has all these qualities . All types of material are being sold a lot and if you are paying a low price you will get the material which is available easily.

Problem with processing

Now I will show you the problems which are due to human errors. These are common problems with the material, some problems are unavoidable and acceptable in some markets.  Following problems are observed in processing

Problem with the sawing of slabs

Slabs are cut on either gang saw machines or on disc cutter. Both types of slabs may have problems with the sawing process and they may be cut in bend. This problem can be rectified easily during inspection. Bend slabs are the biggest problem and there is no solution to amend it.

Problem with the polishing of slab

All types of slabs polish is done on either multi head automatic line polishing machines or on single head polisher. Automatic line polisher have excellent gloss while the single head polisher has less gloss. If the polishing is not done properly, there may be etches or scratches on black galaxy granite. The ideal gloss is above 90%.

Problem with the edges in tiles

The tiles are made on disc cutters. Sometime you may find a problem with edges on tiles. Edges of tiles may not be uneven, this is due to negligence in cutting . There may be a problem with diagonal as well. Be careful choosing tiles for wall cladding because such problems cannot be solved.

Problem with Packing

Packing is a very crucial part of export shipment. Packing is the first impression of what is inside. If you got bad packing chances of getting bad and damaged material are high. Sometime exporters load material and it breaks during transaction. Packing in right way also gives you the advantage for easy unloading of the material.