Kashmir White Granite is a white base granite with brown and black dots.

Kashmir white Granite

Kashmir White Quarry

These dots are called garnets and present in ever single piece of this Granite. This natural stone is not a hundred percent granite technically but in commercial use, this is called Granite. Quarries of Kashmir White Granite are located in India’s Tamilnadu state. Major Kashmir White Granites are in Madurai, Tamrapatti and mellur area.

Quarries of Kashmir White Granite

The major source of this granite is Madurai district of Tamil Nadu, where it has been quarried since a long time.

Usage of Kashmir White Granite 

This is a very important granite from India, and it has been used for Counter tops, Vanity Tops, Kitchen Tops, Flooring, elevations. This is a soft granite and can be used in any form or dimension.

Kashmir White Granite Slabs

Slabs are available in all sizes from Jumbo Gangsaw Slabs to small slabs. we produce following sizes in this Granite Slabs

  • Jumbo Slabs
  • Big Vertical Slabs
  • Small Vertical Slabs
Kashmir White Granite Tile
Kashmir White Granite Tiles are available in following sizes :
  • Cut to sizes in 400x400x20 mm, 600x600x20mm, 600x300x20mm
  • Tiles 1′ x 1′ x 10mm, 2′ x 1′ x 10mm, 400x400x10mm
  • Counter tops
  • Vanity Tops

Kashmir White Granite Price

The price of this granite depends on the size required. Generally the price  varies from  30$ to 44$ depending on the size and thickness.


Kashmir White is not a very a hard Granite and we have found that it is very useful in indoor applications such as Flooring, Kitchen Countertops, Steps, Treads, Staircases, Vanity tops, vases. We recommend you to buy this Granite in Slabs and tiles form.

This Granite is available on sale with us, please contact us at our email address or fill the form to send us your inquiry related to this granite. We will be glade to quote you for this granite.

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