Low cost granite from India

If you are looking for low cost granite slabs with beauty, consistency and quality, We would recommend you following granite, which are low cost and can reduced cost of your projects :

  • Rosy Pink Granite :  A pink colored granite, rosy pink is the cheapest granite from India. you can get this strong granite at as low as 15$ for slabs. this granite is consistence , strong and can be used in big projects as the availability of this granite is very good.
  • Sadarly Grey Granite : A grey colored granite with small flowers looks stunning if you apply on flooring. This granite compete with Chinese grey granite. This is string granite with very low radiation. This granite is ideal for homeowners project managers to reducing cost.
  • Rajasthan Black GraniteThis is perhaps the cheapest black granite available. The base of this granite is dark black with similar color flowers. Some quarries of Rajasthan Black Granite produce a black granite with very small blue garnets. This looks amazing in Countertops and very hard granite.
  • Chima Pink GraniteThis granite is similar to Roso Porinho granite from Spain. This is durable granite and available consistently. A strong granite with brighter color. This is recommended for flooring, elevation and countertops.
  • Platinum White Granite : This is white colored granite and very good for flooring in commercial space. This is bright in color so it looks good in indoor areas. This is cheap white granite for big projects.

The only reason for low cost of above mentioned granite is the low cost processing and availability of consistent quality. All granite are low radiation, low cost very strong and consistent granite. They are beautiful and an ideal choice for homeowners and projects managers. There is always a second quality available in these granites which is related to the thickness and a little problem with color or structures.