Fantasy Brown Marble

Fantasy Brown Marble or some called as Fantasy Brown Granite is a brown marble with white base from India. Fantasy Brown is a dolomatic marble. This is in high demand in areas such as United States of America, Italy, Germany. This is used as flooring in 3 cm thickness. This marble is quarried near Ajmer district of Rajasthan. This is available in following finishing :-

  • Polished
  • Honed
  • Brushed
  • Leather
  • Patina


Fantasy Brown Marble
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Name of Stone Fantasy Brown Marble
Nature Marble
Alternative Name Sawar Marble, Toronto Marble
Finishing Available Polished, Antique
Uses Wall Cladding , Flooring, Vanity Top, Kitchen Countertops

A beautiful marble from Rajasthan, Fantasy Brown Marble has earned distinction among the top marble from India. This marble is quarried near Ajmer. This marble has off white and brown colour in base with dark brown veins all over. This marble looks fabulous if applied over floors with book matching slabs. This is an ideal choice for homeowners and business owners and preferred choice as flooring. It can be laid in dinning, living area, fireplaces.


As a manufacturer of Fantasy Brown , We cut it in different finishing such as Slabs, Tiles and other cut to size dimensions. Following sizes are mainly available in this Marble

  • Jumbo Gangsaw Slabs (2600mm & above x 1600mm & above) in 20, 30 mm
  • Gangsaw Slabs (2000mm & above x 1000mm & above) in 20,30 mm

The Marble is very useful to use as Wall cladding, Kitchen Counter tops, Vanity tops and Flooring. This is light in color yet a vibrant brown color makes it very beautiful. This is an ideal choice for making counter tops or using it in flooring and wall cladding.

Technical Data :

Available on request only..

Fantasy Brown Marble Reviews :

Fantasy Brown Marble is a hard Marble, some time people confuse that it is Granite or Quartzite due to its hardness. We have found that it is very useful in indoor applications such as Flooring, Kitchen Counter tops, Steps, Treads, Staircases. We recommend you to buy this marble in book matched slabs with polish or leather finish.


This beautiful stone has became a choice for home owner designer and fabricators. This marble is specially popular in United States, Canada, Italy, Germany. The stone was previously sold in the name of Fantasy Brown Granite and the country of origin was known as Italy. But this stone is 100% Indian Marble, however it is still called as Fantasy Brown Granite n many places.


The processing of this marble is done on state of art Italian machinery as Breton, Barsanti, SIMEC. This allows the final product to be precise , smooth and well polished.


The marble has more use in flooring. It enhances color of flooring with its unique wavy pattern and satin color. Leather finishing makes this marble great for counter tops and wall cladding.


This marble etches with acids, we advice you to take care if you are using it in counter tops. Also if you spill wine over it, please wipe it off immediately, it can cause stains over it.

Pictures of Green Marble

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Photo by Artista Kitchen & Bath Design
Photo by Living Stone Granite
Photo by Mike Schaap Builders

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