India is a big country and one of the largest produce of Granites and Marble.  The quality and quantity makes India one of the biggest exporter of Natural Stones. Indian Stone Exporter have exported approximately 63 Billion Indian Rupees of Natural stones according to Government Census in 2009-2010 Fiscal Year.  This figure shows the power of the industry. India is the third largest Stone exporting country in world. Indian Stone Exports comprise mainly Granite Cut Blocks, Granite Slabs and Tiles. The share of marble, slate and sandstone are steadily increasing for the past few years. The major importers of Indian stones are USA, Italy, Taiwan, Japan, Germany and China. China and Taiwan and Italy are major importer of Indian Natural Stone Blocks rest of the countries prefer buying Slabs and Tiles from India. China and Taiwan processes Indian Stones and reexport to different parts of the world.

The main areas of quarries and processing of Natural Stones can be divided as following –

  • Rajasthan & Gujrat Areas
  • Tamilnadu Area
  • Karnataka Area
  • Andhrapradesh Area
  • Orissa Area
  • Kerala Area

Stones have left a long lasting effect on Indian History, the ages of different cultures are defined by Stone Architectures, from Red Fort of Delhi to Tajmahal of Agra or from Sanchi Stupas to temples of Madurai each building has different story as well as different stone. You can easily understand that why India is rich in variety of Natural Stones in different form as Granite or Marble, Sandstones or Slates.