As our most users are in wholesale business, we would recommend you 10 Granites which can boost your business , here is the list :-

  • Absolute Black Granite :- A beautiful dark black granite is an ideal choice for different uses such as flooring cladding countertops, cabinet tops. Absolute Black is still the best choice for stone importer, fabricators, stone supplier.
  • Black Galaxy Granite   :- A black granite with metallic stars, Black Galaxy Granite is prefered choice in middle east, Europe and America. .
  • Desert Brown Granite :- A brown based color with golden flowers, this is one of the most used granite in United States , Canada, Italy and other European countries. This is gaining popularity and will be one of the most sought after granite from India..
  • New Imperial Red Granite :- A dark red granite, with flowers of self color. This is one of the most reddish color granite, this granite is particularly popular in Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan , Azerbaijan and other CIS countries..
  • Red Multicolor Granite :-  This Granite is also very popular Indian Granite. The Multicolored Granite comes with thin black veins which makes it impressive and authentic. This is mainly used in flooring and book matched slabs makes it attractive in flooring..
  • Tan Brown Granite :- Tan Brown is Brown Granite combined with light and dark color. It’s structure is flowery and it looks  very impressive in counter tops. This granite is consistence and used as countertops, windows sil, threads, steps risers. If you use this granite with beige colored marble or granite it will enhance the beauty of your dream home
  • Bengal Black Granite : A dark black granite with flower , this is one of the most popular granite throughout 2014 and it will remain popular in 2015. This is a very good strong granite and cheaper then the absolute black granite..
  • Ash Black Granite : Those who are looking for a cheap alternative for Absolute Black and Premium Black can relay on Ash Black Granite. This is a medium colored Black Granite , cheaper and available in big quantity.
  • Ivory Brown Granite : A super choice for Flooring and counter tops, this is also one of the most popular granite India posses, this granite is available in 3 variation,. Gold Brown and pink. All three edition of this granite are equally popular and can be used in different applications.
  • Paradiso Granite: A granite with wavy structure , an ideal choice for homeowners and fabricators equally. This is cheaper granite and looks stunning in flooring with book matched slabs. We strongly recommend you this beautiful granite for use in flooring and counter tops.
All the above granite are with us , and we can supply in all dimensions. These are popular granite for 2017.
PS : We have changed some of the granite from list , as they are not available anymore.